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Boy Scouts

Troop 650 is an active Boy Scout unit that follows the tenets of the Boy Scouts of America and is directed by leaders from Pinewood. The church is located on Knight Boxx Road just north of SR 220 in Middleburg.  It is open to all boys from age 11 (or 5th grade) through age 18. We meet every Monday at the church Fellowship Hall or Pavilion from 7:30 to 9:00 PM. 

The troop plans and attends a campout each month to include cooking, pioneering, hiking, canoeing, cycling, map and compass use, and such other disparate activities. The scouts are provided opportunities to learn many skills such as safe handling and use of knives, saws, and axes, proper food preparation and sanitation, knots and lashings knowledge, physical fitness, citizenship, fire safety and first aid. 

They are recognized for their work through rank advancement, merit badge work, and leadership opportunities. The program is designed to be led by elected Scouts under the direction of a man, and Troop 650 does exactly that while having a great time studying the great outdoors. A major underlying theme is the development of leadership skills in all of the scouts. Parents and interested boys are welcome to visit a meeting and discuss the values and activities that are the mainstay of Troop 650.  

For info on how to get involved visit our web site.